Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hi from cutiepanda01

Hi, this is cutiepanda01! (missflo's RL sis) We're new to Blogger, so if you have any tips, please comment. Also, I would like to put in half of one of my Animal Jam Adventures stories, which are what helped inspire our blog. Here we go!
             Adventures in the Sky 
                                                          By cutiepanda01 (Dancing Prettyrose)
                                                                                                             Chapter One
   Dancing Prettyrose and Mythical Articbelle were in Jamaa Township. "Wow, this place sure is noisy," said Dancing, covering her ears. However, Dancing could still hear them talking, only slightly muffled.
"I hear phantoms plan to take over Jamaa!" said a bunny named Miss Prettyflower, who was right in front of her, to a wolf named Juniper Shiverwolf. "Dude, I think that they have been trying for years," replied Juniper.
"Don't worry about it." Then Mythical said to Dancing, "Come on. Let's get away from the crowd and noise and go to Zios." They imediantly rushed to The Lost Temple of Zios. Many jammers were sleeping around
the phantom pit.  Mythical and Dancing decided to join. However, right as they were laying down, a phantom apeared. They heard a loud zapping noise, and then everything went black...
                                                                                                             Chapter Two
  Dancing and Mythical awoke in the clouds, about five minutes later. The first thing they saw was Mira... But somehow Mira doesn't look like Mira, thought Dancing. And Mira didn't act like Mira either! "You two-- Dancing Prettyrose and Mythical Arcticbelle-- are to be banned from Jamaa forever!" she said, in a deep, mysterious voice. Dancing shrieked and paniced. "AHH!!!!!" she screamed, running around in circles around Mythical. Mythical, more calm then Dancing, preparing for the answer, asked this un-Mira-like Mira, "What happens to banned jammers?" "They go and serve phantoms  in Phantomville!" she boomed. This was to much for Dancing. She fainted. Right on top of Mythical. Mythical groaned inwardly. If we ever had the chance to escape, I doubt she would have the nerve to try... especially if it was a dangerous escape, thought Mythical.
                                                                                                             Chapter Three
  This so-called Mira decided to see what these jammer's personalities were so she could chose a job that they would do best for the phantoms. At night, Mythical decided to pretend to sleep but not actually
go to sleep and spy on this so-called Mira. Dancing was to scared to spy. During the night, a phantom came by. 'Mira' took off her costume- revealing herself as a phantom! I KNEW it! thought Mythical. Dancing
had just woken up, saw the two phantoms, and was extremely quite. "How are the two you captured today, Miranda?" asked the newer phantom. "Quite well, though one is a bit err, shall I say, sensative, but the
other one's perfect, Mr. Zapperia." replied Miranda. Dancing was shocked. She was about to gasp and faint when she remembered she was spying. Then Dancing whispered to Mythical, "Do you think that my sister knows about this?" Unfortanutly, she whispered it a bit to loudly. "Tell me who your sister is," demanded Miranda in a loud voice, imediantly zapping back on her costume.

I'll post the rest later, tell me what you think. Anyways, when I tried editing it for the post, it sort of failed so it'll probably look weird.

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